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Agricultural Machinery

Agricultural Machinery

Farm tractors, Seeders, Forage harvesters, Sprayers…



Sports cars, SUVs, Luxury sedans…



Compact vans, Delivery trucks, Utility vehicles…

Heavy Equipment

Heavy Equipment

Excavators, Loaders, Graders, Hydraulic excavators…

Motorized Recreation

Motorized Recreation

ATVs, Boats, Motorcycles, Snowmobiles…

Recreational Vehicles

Recreational Vehicles

Motorhomes, Caravans, Trailers, Campervans…

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These solutions help you save time and reduce the risk of errors.

Multi-Access F&I and CIE

Managing multiple branches with centralized inventory or multiple inventories at different locations will be easy to handle. If you are a mobile F&I working with multiple dealerships, switching between dealerships will save you time and increase efficiency.


Reducing monetary costs associated with IT, including elimination of setup and installation time and reduced integration and training costs through video training modules.

Centralized data management

Easy access to centralized data, allowing you to track the status of active proposals and access your inventory in real-time from anywhere, whether it's your office, home, or elsewhere, thanks to the internet.


Increased efficiency through collaboration between owners, managers, advisors, and administrative staff. Our turnkey solution will enable you to be more efficient in all your day-to-day operations.


Increased IT security including automatic backup. Faster data transfers to Dealertrack, life insurance companies, disability insurance companies, and others. In addition, synchronization with CRM solution partners.

QuickDealer Tools

The key elements of CRM and DMS solutions for dealerships

With QuickDealer's software, you can benefit from comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Dealership Management System (DMS) solutions. These solutions can help you manage your dealership more efficiently, improve productivity, and deliver a more satisfying customer experience.

  • Complete Customer Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Sales Management
  • Data Analysis
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Our CRM and DMS solutions are designed to provide a simplified and efficient user experience.

These features are designed to save time, improve overall productivity of your business, and reduce the risk of errors. Furthermore, QuickDealer's software is the only one easily accessible via the cloud and compatible with all devices, allowing you to work wherever you are and whenever you need to.

  • Integration with partners
  • Installation and training
  • Advanced calculator
  • Reports
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Multi-platform In cloud mode User-friendly Safe and secure data
QuickDealer Devices

A tool to manage all the sales, administrative, and financial activities of a dealership

How can QuickDealer's CRM/DMS solutions improve dealership management?

The web-based DMS and CRM solutions from QuickDealer offer benefits such as flexibility, mobility, and accessibility from anywhere at any time with an internet connection. They provide data security measures, enable remote work, and reduce costs associated with software installation and maintenance. These solutions offer a range of features that can streamline dealership operations, enhance customer management, and improve overall efficiency.

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Nous sommes clients depuis le début en affaire de WebShowRoom, soit depuis plus de 20 ans. C’est important d’avoir un partenaire d’affaires qui est toujours à l’affût et à l’écoute de nos besoins. De plus, ça fait déjà 5 ans, que nous avons implanté le complément « QuickDealer » pour Acomba, Gestionnaire d’accompagnement avec la comptabilité qui nous permet de sauver environ 1 journée de travail à la comptabilité, d’éviter des erreurs de saisie, en plus de nous éviter d’engager une personne supplémentaire à temps partiel pour faire de la saisie de données

Gestion LAC
Jean-Claude Lacroix, Président @Gestion LAC

Nous pouvons travailler à partir de n’importe quelle plateforme d’ordinateur, de plusieurs endroits différents à la fois, et même de la maison ! Il est même possible de travailler à partir d’une tablette informatique, ce qui est idéal lors de nos salons d’expositions. Il était temps de passer en mode techno !

Nadia Gendron, Vice-Président @Groupe VR 185

Le domaine des marchands de véhicules récréatifs et autres véhicules utilitaires, tel que les remorques, affiche un retard en matière de technologie. L’acquisition de véhicules en provenance des États-Unis exige une gestion pointue des coûts reliés à cette pratique. Voilà pourquoi nous avons intégré l’application WebShowRoom, afin de faciliter la gestion d’inventaire centralisé pour l’ensemble de l’organisation

Pierre Duhaime – Directeur général @PM Remorque et PM Caravane
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The price of the software varies depending on the number of sites and the number of users you will need to manage the data within the QuickDealer solution. Contact us to get a customized estimate based on your needs.

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Will we be able to calculate life insurance, disability, or other insurance premiums?

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Can QuickDealer be integrated with other systems or software?

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You will find answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) below

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